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The SAMI application is closed and will re-open in September 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Academic Multicultural Programming

Maximum yearly award total of $1000

Programming that promotes academic success among groups traditionally underrepresented

  • e.g. study groups, peer tutoring, time management workshops

Student scholarly/academic publications on multicultural topics

  • e.g. newsletter, magazine

Guest lecturer or artist on multicultural subjects or academic success issues

  • e.g. expert on retention of underrepresented students

Projects that promote the cross-cultural understanding and awareness for the campus community

  • e.g. workshops, performances, forums, outreach

Conference Attendance

Maximum Award of $1000 for a maximum of 5 members

National conferences that promote academic success or leadership and multiculturalism

  • If less than 5 members would like to attend and submit a proposal, they are eligible for $200 per person. (e.g. a maximum award of $800 can be approved for 4 members)

Please note: the maximum amounts indicate the highest possible award, not a guaranteed amount. The application process is a competitive process.

Opportunity to Receive Additional SAMI Funding

Student Organizations that collaborate to put on an intercultural program or event will be eligible for up to $500 in additional funding. Collaborative efforts should be between student organizations across cultural backgrounds.

Criteria for Student Organizations:

Student organizations may receive funding totaling $1000 per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)

Registered student group with the Central Student Government (CSG) with a University Fund account through the Student Organization Account Service (SOAS)

Funds will not be provided for:

  • Non-academic or entirely social events (e.g. balls, banquets, parties)
  • Fund-raising activities or charitable events
  • Organizations that have a consistent base of substantial funding (e.g. Michigan Student Assembly, Project Serve, University Activities Center)
  • University transportation (in accordance with University liability insurance regulations)
  • Payment for food items
  • Study abroad experiences unless a significant academic multicultural opportunity has been clearly identified
  • Dissertation research
  • Scholarship competitions, awards, presentation ceremonies and banquets
  • Profit-making events
  • Prizes


  1. Application
  2. Faculty/Staff Endorsement (Send link to your Endorser).

You will not be considered for the award without both pieces of the application.

Upon award distribution, you will need to submit all receipts detailing your expense by email to: Christine Wylie – cwylie@umich.edu

Receipts Submission:

All recipients must submit receipts within 30 days after the event/activity. Failure to submit the receipts will result in the student and/or student organization being ineligible for any future funding.

Awarded funds that have not been used or accounted for must be transferred back to the SAMI account.