Eligible projects/events:


The SAMI application is closed and will re-open in September 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Maximum yearly award total of $500.

For independent faculty supervised research on a multicultural issue:

  • Applicant must have undergraduate student status both at the time of application and at the time of conducting research.
  • The maximum grant award is $500

For presentation of scholarly research on multicultural topics at a national or international conference:

  • Verification of presentation must submitted at the time of application
  • Applicants should submit the verification by email or send a copy to the attention of the SAMI Coordinator by mail
  • The maximum grant award is $500

Participation in a major national or international academic conference without presenting one’s own research may be funded when this will make a significant contribution to multicultural understanding:

  • The maximum grant award is $200

Criteria for Individual Applicants:

  • Individual students may receive funding only once per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • All applicants must be currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus
  • Submitting a proposal through SAMI grants permission for OAMI staff to verify a student’s financial eligibility through the Office of Financial Aid. Students who receive Federal or State financial aid will need to demonstrate sufficient remaining need to qualify for a SAMI grant.


  • Non-academic or entirely social events (e.g. balls, banquets, parties)
  • Fund-raising activities or charitable events
  • Organizations that have a consistent base of substantial funding (e.g. Michigan Student Assembly, Project Serve, University Activities Center)
  • University transportation (in accordance with University liability insurance regulations)
  • Payment for food items
  • Study abroad experiences unless a significant academic multicultural opportunity has been clearly identified
  • Dissertation research
  • Scholarship competitions, awards, presentation ceremonies and banquets
  • Profit-making events
  • Prizes


  1. Application
  2. Faculty/Staff Endorsement (Send link to your Endorser). **MUST be received prior to, or at the same time as your application.**

You will not be considered for the award without both pieces of the application.

Upon award distribution, you will need to submit all receipts detailing your expense by email to: Christine Wylie – cwylie@umich.edu


  • All recipients must submit receipts within 30 days after the event/activity. Failure to submit the receipts will result in the student and/or student organization being ineligible for any future funding.
  • Awarded funds that have not been used or accounted for must be transferred back to the SAMI account.