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Discover your direction.

Develop your community.

Above all, college is about success – delving into a rigorous curriculum with amazing faculty, meeting new friends, learning new things, and contributing to a vibrant campus community. College is all about successful growth in who you are and who you will become – intellectually, personally, and professionally. The sky is the limit and SuccessConnects provides an important launch pad!

SuccessConnects is a powerful portfolio of resources designed to enhance the journey to a Michigan degree by providing opportunities to excel in the undergraduate experience and the level of community inclusion, scholarship, and leadership success. These are achieved through dynamic customized components including Success Coaching, and Success Labs. 

We invite all freshman, sophomores, and first-year transfer students to submit your information and get connected with SuccessConnects! Programming and support services are available for the entire academic year.

What is a SuccessConnects scholar?

A scholar is a student who has a sense of connectedness to the campus community and authors their college story to make their own unique Michigan Difference. Combining to make a network of lifelong learners focused on growth, scholars are connected to like-minded peers throughout their college experience. By utilizing holistic one-on-one coaching, a toolkit of curated resources and social activities, scholars can find support for their personal, academic, and professional goals and dreams.

Invitations to join SuccessConnects are sent to students in the summer before the school year.

Please email Sharon Burch, if you would like more information on how to become a SuccessConnects Scholar, or if you are faculty interested in connecting with the program.

Funded by the State of Michigan, King-Chávez-Parks Initiative, and the Office of the Provost