Peer Mentorship

Academic Success Partners (ASP’s)

An Academic Success Partner or (ASP) is a Junior or Senior student at the University of Michigan that serves as a mentor for scholars in the Success Connects program. ASP’s can assist scholars in peer-to-peer mentorship, course selection recommendations, and information about student organizations and campus involvement from the peer perspective. They have various academic backgrounds and diverse interests. ASP’s mostly work with the second-year students in SuccessConnects, but you can find them in the OAMI office, and at all of the SuccessConnects functions!

Do you want to impact the lives of first and second-year students? We want you! The application to be an Academic Success Partner for SuccessConnects opens in the middle of winter semester each year. Contact for more information.

Meet the 2017-2018 ASP’s!

  • Alvin

    • Senior
    • Major: Communication Studies
    • New York, NY

    I am an ASP because I want to give students the best opportunity to succeed and help them fulfill the passions and goals that come with their college journey. Favorite Study Spot: Hatcher Stacks

  • An

    • Junior
    • Major: Civil Engineering
    • Lansing, MI

    Being an ASP means the opportunity to return the guidance and support I was given, to students in the same shoes I was in not too long ago. Michigan can be a tough place, but through SuccessConnects I hope to build a caring community that can encourage and lead each other to take on the challenges

  • Arielle

    • Senior
    • Major: Business
    • Southfield, MI

    I am an ASP because I want to help students reach their true potential. Favorite Study Spot: Random Coffee Shops

  • Briahna

    • Junior
    • Major: Social Theory and Practice
    • Minor: Community Action and Social Change
    • St. Louis, MO

    I have received a tremendous amount of support from amazing individuals on campus that have given me love, words of encouragement, academic advice, and an listening ear. It is my hope that as an ASP I can pass along all of the positivity, empowerment, and useful information along to our scholars.

  • Callie

    • Senior, 5th year
    • Major: Dance
    • Minor: African Studies
    • Detroit, MI

    I chose and love to provide peer mentorship because peer mentorship has shaped my holistic experience as an underclassman for the best. Favorite study spot: Hatcher Graduate Library - North Stacks.

  • Jacqueline

    • Graduate student at the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies
    • Northern MI

    I am an ASP because I feel that everyone deserves and needs a mentor when navigating everything that the University of Michigan has to offer. Favorite Study Spot: Michigan Union

  • Ka’Marr

    • Senior
    • Major: Business Administration (focus in Business Law)
    • Detroit, MI

    I decided to become an ASP because I love to help others. Throughout my life, I have had many mentors that have helped me get to where I am today and I would love to serve as that same assistance for other students. Favorite Study Spot: Law Library

  • Kendall

    • Senior
    • Major: Business Administration
    • Detroit, MI

    I wouldn't be who I am today without mentorship and the people who paved the way for me. I am an ASP to provide the same insight and care that I have received from my mentors in my upbringing. Favorite study spot: STACKS in Hatcher

  • Laurie

    • Junior
    • Major: Business
    • Toronto, Canada and Jinan, China

    I've received lots of help along the way during my college life, whether that's challenges from extracurricular opportunities or encouragement to pursue my dream school. Being an ASP is how I want to give back to the community that nurtured me and pass on the legacy to many who come after me.

  • Mya

    • Junior
    • Major: Sociology with a subplan in Law, Justice, and Social Change
    • Chicago, IL

    Throughout my time at the university thus far, I have received an overwhelming amount of support from individuals. I want to offer that same amount of support and guidance that I have received as a mentee to students who may have dealt with similar obstacles, both academically and personally.

  • Pierra

    • Junior
    • Major: Business Administration and Psychology
    • Detroit, MI

    I am an ASP because it is a opportunity for me to give back and expand my knowledge of the resources here at the University of Michigan! I also want students to know that there is no limit and they can accomplish anything! Favorite Study Spot: Fishbowl and Hatcher Library (Stacks )

  • Ramia

    • Senior
    • Major: Communication Studies
    • Bloomfield Hills, MI

    I’m an ASP because I know how impactful it is to have mentors who push you to be your best. As a returning ASP from last year, I have seen first-hand the growth that mentoring inspires for both the mentor and mentee, and I can’t wait to see that unfold again this year!

  • Tayler

    • Senior
    • Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
    • Detroit, MI

    Why I am a mentor: I have been on both ends of mentoring, receiving it and providing it. I’ve had the opportunity to see the amazing impact that it has on individuals. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone. Favorite Study Spot: Hatcher cubbies

  • Tiffany

    • Junior
    • Major: Public Policy
    • Novi, MI

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I mentor succeed! I love connecting students to resources, watching them grow, and helping them find what their passion is. Favorite Study Spot: Taubman Health Sciences Library