Student Stories

Turning my Passion into my Career Plan

During the chaotic time of changing majors, OAMI’s Leaders and Best program was there for me. As both a Protege and Academic Success Partner, I learned how to combine seemingly disparate experiences in visual and language arts into a comprehensive career plan, and I currently work with OAMI to more broadly promote its amazing stories through visual media.

I gained a more informed perspective of how to actively seek out new opportunities, go abroad, and understand the world globally.

Because of this, I was able to network successfully at a recent career fair, which I directly attribute to confidence and experience gained in the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives.

OAMI offers professional development opportunities like many places on campus, but what sets the office apart is that they connect with students at the start, with the opportunity to grow, learn, and participate as a leader in a program, regardless of if you’re a mentee or a mentor. It’s an office with longevity and balance, fostering leadership in students, while simultaneously instilling a sense of humility and service.