Julia Barron
SuccessConnects Coach
Congratulations, Class of 2022!
Sharon Burch
Associate Director
Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives
Your strength and resiliency have buoyed your Michigan journey and demonstrated the beauty of the Michigan Difference. Now the world awaits your greatness! Step forward with excellence — and always — Go Blue!
Mark Chung Kwan Fan
Director of Student Life
Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
Congratulations, graduates! You’ve made your community and, most importantly, yourself proud on this education journey! Take the time to rest prior to onboarding on your next adventure!
Manan Desai
Associate Professor/Director
Department of American Culture and Program in Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies
Many congratulations, A&PI graduates, for this wonderful achievement! Graduation is just the beginning, and I hope you take the lessons that you learned at Michigan and achieve great things!
Robert Fong 方卓敏 (Name in Simplified Chinese)
AAPI Alumi Association
Congratulations on graduating! Stay curious, learn something new everyday, and challenge yourself everyday. I am confident that you all will be successful in your careers. Go Blue! 🙂

Martino Harmon
Vice President for Student Life
Student Life
Class of 2022, go out and do great things with what you have learned. And do them well, with pride and joy in the honest work of making the world a better place. Carry with you the sense of inner strength that even a global pandemic could not stop you from bringing your goals and aspirations to life. You have overcome many challenges, big and small. Wherever your next path leads, remember that those of us here at the University of Michigan are on your team — forever. Go Blue!
Aia Hawari
Program Manager
Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs
You don’t have to have everything figured out and you can change your mind. You are so, so capable and there are so many people rooting you on!
Janice Jones
Assistant Director, OAMI
Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives
Wishing each of you all the best in your future endeavors.
Marie Ting
Associate Director
National Center for Institutional Diversity
Congratulations class of 2022!!! Cheering you on as you graduate! And as always, and forever, Go Blue!!
Hitomi Tonomura
College of LSA/ History/WGS
Resilience, fortitude, patience, and kindness — the golden treasure you cultivated, let that guide your path forward and let you shine in every space you step in. My greatest admiration and heartfelt thank you to each of you for who you are.
Deborah Willis
Assistant Vice Provost
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Congratulations! Think of the impact that you want to make in the world and work to do that. Determine what success looks like to YOU – not others.