Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration
January 12, 2024
January Clements Bookworm Conversations
January 12, 2024

“…into a Beautiful Symphony”

February 13, 2024 | 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm | Burton Memorial Tower

Organ Carillon & Harpsichord

Exploring the harmonious sounds of Black compositional brilliance, carillonists Tiffany Ng and Julie Zhu perform covers of beloved songs like “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King) and “We Are the World” (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie) on the 53-bell carillon of Burton Memorial Tower, interspersed with instrumental arrangements and original compositions by renowned videogame composer Wilbert Roget II and U-M alumnus Augustus O. Hill. The bell chamber may be accessed via a combination of elevator and stairs. Take the elevator to the highest floor possible (floor 8), and then climb two flights of stairs (39 steps) to the bell chamber (floor 10). Earplugs are available from the carillonist upon request. Be prepared to walk on ice and snow in the bell chamber during winter. Built in 1936, the Charles Baird Carillon is not ADA accessible. Visitors with mobility concerns are invited to visit the Lurie Carillon, at which another MLK Symposium concert is taking place simultaneously at noon.


Tiffany Ng, Ph.D. and Julie Zhu, Ph.D.

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