John Lewis: Good Trouble
January 9, 2024
Activism: Alive and Well
January 10, 2024

Taubman College MLK Symposium 2024: Beyond Performance – Dismantling Evasive Institutions

January 25, 2024 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm | Art & Architecture Building

Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning

In commemoration of the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Taubman College’s MLK Planning Committee is proud to host the 2024 MLK Symposium. Our featured panel will transcend conventional narratives and challenge us to move beyond performative activism. Our distinguished panel of faculty, alumni, and students will engage in a profound exploration of going beyond performative activism to create effective and transformative change.

After extensive years of formulating strategies and emphasizing the significance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, how can we move beyond theoretical discussions to generate a more substantial impact, addressing the challenges faced by People of Color (POC) communities across various domains, especially within academia? Given the ongoing global and university-wide transformations, it is imperative, now more than ever, for the Taubman community to proactively address these challenges that move beyond performative allyship and towards genuine inclusivity/action.

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