Maybe YOUR Purpose is to Teach!

Do you have a desire to spark the minds that will change the world someday?

Do you want to increase your leadership, public speaking, and networking skills?

Are you a resilient, team-player who is determined and confident?

If you want to build these skills then M-CLIC is the place for you!

The mission of Men of Color Leading In the Classroom (M-CLIC) is to increase and impact the number of African American, Latino, Asian, and Native males entering the teaching profession. Through M-CLIC we hope to serve all students interested in enrolling in the School of Education at the University of Michigan and pursuing a career in education post-graduation. You can join M-CLIC as a community college student or University of Michigan student.

Program Connections & Skills include:

  • Increase Networking Skills
  • Mentorship & Guidance
  • Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Leadership Development
  • Connection to U-M School of Education
  • Connection with male teachers of color currently in the K-12 profession


Your seat at the table awaits, join us! Once a month, we host workshops called the “M-CLIC Roundtable Series” where we engage in meaningful dialogue around the history of males of color teaching in K-12 classrooms in this country, the benefits of M-CLIC and the School of Education, and what this career path has to offers interested U-M students. We strive to improve academic and personal excellence and connect M-CLIC scholars to male teachers of color currently in the K-12 profession to share their stories, testimonies, and advice!

Interested in supporting the mission and getting involved?

Contact Gregory O. Thomas, M-CLIC Program Director


M-CLIC partners:

  • U-M School of Education
  • U-M SuccessConnects
  • U-M Comprehensive Studies Program
  • Black Male Educators Alliance of Michigan

Funding through the State of Michigan King-Chavez-Parks Initiative Michigan College/University Partnership (MICUP) Program.



School Of Education FAQ –

MCLIC is funded through the Morris Hood, Jr. Educator Development (MHED) Program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1998 as part of the larger King•Chávez•Parks Initiative.  The legislative intent is to increase the number of underrepresented students, especially males, who enroll in and complete K-12 teacher education programs at the baccalaureate level at state-approved teacher education institutions.  The MHED program targets African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American students who historically have been underrepresented in K-12 teacher education programs.