SAMI applications for the upcoming school year will go live on the first day of classes for the fall semester. We encourage all applicants to apply well in advance of their anticipated project/event/conference.

2022/23 Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

  • Apply by October 3rd; Decision by October 14th
  • Apply by October 31st; Decision by November 11th
  • Apply by November 28th; Decision by December 9th

Winter Semester

  • Apply by January 2nd; Decision by January 13th
  • Apply by January 30th; Decision by February 10th
  • Apply by February 27th; Decision by March 10th
  • Apply by March 27th; Decision by April 7th
  • Apply by April 24th; Decision by May 5th

All applications due by 11:59 PM on the dates above.

How It Works

SAMI funding is contingent on the approval of the SAMI Committee. The Committee is comprised of individuals from across campus with a commitment to student development and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both an application and endorsement must be submitted. Endorsements from faculty are preferred but staff members are also acceptable. Graduate, GSI’s and other undergraduate students are not eligible to endorse applicants.