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Academic Multicultural Programming

Maximum yearly award total of $2,000

Programming that promotes academic success among groups traditionally underrepresented

  • e.g. study groups, peer tutoring, time management workshops

Student scholarly/academic publications on multicultural topics

  • e.g. newsletter, magazine

Guest lecturer or artist on multicultural subjects or academic success issues

  • e.g. expert on retention of underrepresented students

Projects that promote the cross-cultural understanding and awareness for the campus community

  • e.g. workshops, performances, forums, outreach

Conference Attendance

Maximum Award of $2,000 for a maximum of 5 members

National conferences that promote academic success or leadership and multiculturalism

  • If less than 5 members would like to attend and submit a proposal, they are eligible for $400 per person. (e.g. a maximum award of $1,600 can be approved for 4 members)

Please note: the maximum amounts indicate the highest possible award, not a guaranteed amount. The application process is a competitive process.

Opportunity to Receive Additional SAMI Funding

Student Organizations that collaborate to put on an intercultural program or event will be eligible for up to $500 in additional funding. Collaborative efforts should be between student organizations across cultural backgrounds. For instance, two student organizations representing different cultures hosting a program or event together.

Criteria for Student Organizations:

Student organizations may receive funding totaling $2000 per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)

Registered student group with the Central Student Government (CSG) with a University Fund account through the Student Organization Account Service (SOAS)

Funds will not be provided for:

  • Non-academic or entirely social events (e.g. balls, banquets, parties)
  • Fund-raising activities or charitable events
  • Organizations that have a consistent base of substantial funding (e.g. Michigan Student Assembly, Project Serve, University Activities Center)
  • University transportation (in accordance with University liability insurance regulations)
  • Payment for food items
  • Study abroad experiences unless a significant academic multicultural opportunity has been clearly identified, that goes above and beyond the study abroad experience
  • Dissertation research
  • Scholarship competitions, awards, presentation ceremonies and banquets
  • Profit-making events
  • Prizes
  • Internships
  • Experiences used for academic credit

Application Deadlines


If you have any questions about eligibility or the application process please contact Hector Galvan at hgalvan@umich.edu

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