If you have questions that are not listed here, or if you would like more information, email: successconnects-communications@umich.edu 

Question Your Definition
What is SuccessConnects? SuccessConnects is an academic/personal coaching transition program with a progression of engagement for every year of your Michigan experience. Engage with specialized resources for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd/4th/5th- year college students, and transfer students at the University of Michigan. The program focuses on the holistic development of students. The main component of SuccessConnects is meeting regularly with a Success Coach, be they a staff member, upperclass student coach or graduate student coach.
What is a scholar? What does it mean to be a scholar? A scholar is a student who has a high level of commitment to their education and the components that give it a high degree of engagement in components that comprise it.  To be a scholar means that a student is open and willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone in order to grow to their highest capacity of excellence.
What is a coach? How are they different from a professional counselor? A coach is someone that listens and understands the challenges, and opportunities of scholars and is able to provide guidance for discovery and direction; options and resources; support and resolve in reaching goals.  
How can I connect with/meet/get involved with other Success Connect students? Participate in forums and social activities. Make the OAMI office “your” space.  
I am not a first-year student. How can I get involved? SuccessConnects has something for every level. Scholars can receive staff Success Coaches as first or second years.  2nd year scholars typically work with an Academic Success Partner (ASP) as their main Success Coach. Junior and senior level students can serve as ASPs, and/or join a peer group that meets regularly with a Graduate Success Partner (GSP). 
How often do I meet with my coach? Every 2-3 weeks.  Freshmen meet with staff success coaches every 3 weeks.  Sophomore scholars meet with ASPs every two weeks.
What are the requirements to remain in the program/is it possible to get kicked out? Your success is our goal so every opportunity is taken to help you reach it.  The requirement is that scholars avail themselves to the resources and support that the program offers. Scholars are expected to attend the orientation event, meet with their success coach on a regular basis and participate in at least two workshops per semester.   
What is an ASP? How do I get an ASP? An ASP is a junior or senior level U-M student who has the skill, training, and commitment to serve as a success coach.  As current students, ASPs also have valuable insight about classes, the campus community, and pre-professional experience.
How do I become an ASP? Applications for ASP positions are accepted starting in February/March of each year for the upcoming academic year.   
When does the program start and end? SuccessConnects runs concurrently with the academic year — starting in September and ending near the end of April.