Academic Success Partners (ASP’s)

An Academic Success Partner or (ASP) is a Junior or Senior student at the University of Michigan that serves as a mentor for scholars in the Success Connects program. ASP’s can assist scholars in peer-to-peer mentorship, course selection recommendations, and information about student organizations and campus involvement from the peer perspective. They have various academic backgrounds and diverse interests. ASP’s mostly work with the second-year students in SuccessConnects, but you can find them in the OAMI office, and at all of the SuccessConnects functions!

Do you want to impact the lives of first and second-year students? We want you! The application to be an Academic Success Partner for SuccessConnects opens in the middle of winter semester each year. Contact for more information.

Meet the 2020-2021 Academic Success Partners!


  • Candelaria

    • Junior
    • Major: Microbiology
    • Chicago, IL

    I became an ASP because I want to create a stronger community for myself and for others. I also want to help people by pointing them to new opportunities and supporting them with both academic and non-academic life.

  • Dani

    • Senior
    • Major: Film, Television, and Media & Afro-American and African Studies
    • Minor: STAMPS: Art and Design
    • Detroit, MI

    Becoming an ASP gives me the opportunity to help my peers find their niches on campus and support them within an often stressful and competitive environment.

  • Esau

    • Junior
    • Major: Sociology
    • Minor: Education for Empowerment
    • Chicago, IL

    I became an ASP because I want to support students who have similar backgrounds as I. I know that the University of Michigan can be a very intimidating place but I want to make sure every student knows that there are people that they lean on for help.

  • Farhana

    • Sophomore (Transfer)
    • Major: Nursing
    • Hamtramck, MI

    I became an ASP so that I can help others navigate their interests the way that I was helped for the past few years! I also want to expose students like myself to the opportunities and resources on campus that I found helpful during my transition from high school.

  • Kelsi

    • Senior
    • Major: Communications and Media
    • Minor: Creative Writing
    • Mackinaw City, MI

    In my first two years on campus, I found out that being at Michigan is always a learning experience, and I want to be able to use those experiences to help guide my scholars!

  • Kevin

    • 5th Year
    • Major: Dual BBA & B.S. in B.C.N
    • Minor: Enterpreneurship
    • Warren, NJ

    I became an ASP because I knew what it was like during my first two years at U-M. There were just so many opportunities and an overwhelming number of decisions that need to be made; I want to help students make the most out of their time here and succeed academically and professionally

  • Rachad

    • Senior
    • Major: Biomolecular Science
    • Dearborn, MI

    Experiencing struggles and hardships during college can be very frustrating. Having a source of support can help tremendously. That is why I wanted to be an ASP- to provide support, mentorship, and to be a friend to those who need a helping hand.

  • Yazmin

    • Senior
    • Major: Biomedical Engineering
    • Chicago, IL

    As an upperclassman with a knowledge of the resources the UM has to offer, I hope to utilize my past experiences and skills to guide the next generation of success connects scholars. I'm excited to serve as a mentor and give back to the community that has supported me during my time at UM