Graduate Success Partners (GSP)

A Graduate Success Partner or GSP is a Master’s Student, Gap Year Student or PhD candidate at the University of Michigan. GSPs serve as mentors with third-year and more senior undergrad students in SuccessConnects. GSPs have graduated undergrad and know what it takes to prepare for a career or continued education in graduate school. GSPs work with scholars in peer groups, based on an academic field of interest, and help scholars identify research, internships, senior theses and other projects that prepare students for life after undergrad. GSPs also know what it takes to succeed academically, lead student organizations and on-campus initiatives, and balance the heavy workload of upperclassmen students, and help SC scholars with precisely this balance.

Do you want to impact the lives of third, fourth and fifth-year undergraduates? We want you! The application to be an Academic Success Partner for SuccessConnects opens in the middle of winter semester each year. Contact for more information.

  • Bri

    • 2nd year
    • Major: Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
    • Nashville, TN

    In undergrad, I mentored new transfer students during my senior year. As a transfer student myself, I enjoyed helping students navigate a large university system. This fulfilling experience is why I became a GSP at the University of Michigan.

  • Chris

    • 1st year
    • Major: Master of Energy Systems Engineering
    • Long Island, NY

    I wanted to become a GSP because I am passionate about personal and leadership development and I love working with people. I appreciate how people-centric the SuccessConnects program is and I cannot wait to contribute.

  • Christina

    • M4/Dual-Degree MBA1
    • Major: Medical School, MBA
    • Troy, MI

    As the first person in my immediate and extended family to apply to medical school, I relied heavily on mentors for guidance, and I hope to help others by sharing what I learned from my mentors and from my experience applying to and attending medical school.

  • Esau

    • Gap year
    • Major: Master of Social Work
    • Chicago, IL

    I chose to become a GSP because mentorship was very valuable to me when I was an undergraduate at U-M. It provided me with reassurance, clarity, and kindness. I would like provide that and much more to my mentees.

  • Limi

    • 4th year
    • Major: Medical School, M.S. in Clinical Research
    • Canton, MI

    The process of applying to graduate school can be a difficult one, and I found a great deal of support from my community as a student, particularly as an underrepresented minority in science. My goal is to provide similar access to resources for students and work with them towards their goals.

  • Malcolm

    • 2nd year
    • Major: Joint PhD in Public Policy and Economics
    • Sacramento, CA

    My goal as a GSP is to help destroy the idea of imposter syndrome amongst people from marginalized groups. In addition to challenging institutions that perpetuate the idea that certain groups of people are inferior, I want to empower my students to embrace their unique perspective.

  • Maria

    • 2nd year
    • Major: Master of Environmental Sustainability, Global Public Health certificate
    • Pikeville, TN (born in Chicago)

    I want to become a GSP because as an undergraduate myself not too long ago, I longed for a mentor that has been through the college graduate journey and desired for thorough guidance along the way. I want to be able to provide that for other students that come from diverse and unique backgrounds.

  • Payge

    • 3rd
    • Major: Medical School
    • Minocqua, WI.

    I want to support undergraduates determined to become empathetic providers. I am a first-generation, low-income student, and I know the difficulties this can present when applying to medical school. I hope to share my experiences to help them achieve their goals of becoming a physician.

  • Princess

    • 1st year
    • Major: Master of Management
    • Ann Arbor, MI

    During undergrad I had the pleasure of being involved in various mentorship roles, and this year I became a GSP in order to continue engaging in a mentorship with students to help students have the most rewarding experience they possibly can during undergrad.

  • Quintin

    • M4
    • Major: Medical School
    • Detroit, MI

    I am a GSP because I believe giving back the lessons that were handed down to me and those that I learned is important. I did not get to medical school without others teaching me their lessons and guidance. It is important to be a mentee and mentor and foster the next generation of physicians.

  • Rene

    • 2nd year
    • Major: Master of Public Policy
    • Oxnard, CA

    I hope to be an asset for any first-gen student as they transition out of undergraduate, and enter whatever field they chose! As an undergrad, I struggled finding the right career trajectory for me, so I am hoping to be a resource for any student.

  • Serena

    • M4/Dual-Degree MBA1
    • Major: Medical School, MBA
    • Dexter, MI

    I chose to become a GSP to empower the next generation of students to achieve their academic and professional dreams and to build a more inclusive and representative workforce. I hope to offer the same motivation and support I received from mentors, which allowed me to get where I am today.

  • Yadonay

    • M4
    • Major: Medical School
    • East Lansing, MI

    I decided to become a GSP to have a role in a longitudinal mentorship opportunity for students. As an undergraduate at Michigan, I had a number of student mentors who supported me and I hope to serve in a similar role to current undergraduate students.

  • Yusuf

    • M4
    • Major: Medical School
    • Canton, MI

    I wanted to become a GSP because I struggled immensely as a high school student and know what it feels like to feel like your dreams are out of reach. I was blessed with mentors a year or two above me who took the time to guide me through the process. This program is an opportunity to pay it forward