Graduate Success Partners (GSP)

A Graduate Success Partner or GSP is a Master’s Student, Gap Year Student or PhD candidate at the University of Michigan. GSPs serve as mentors with third-year and more senior undergrad students in SuccessConnects. GSPs have graduated undergrad and know what it takes to prepare for a career or continued education in graduate school. GSPs work with scholars in peer groups, based on an academic field of interest, and help scholars identify research, internships, senior theses and other projects that prepare students for life after undergrad. GSPs also know what it takes to succeed academically, lead student organizations and on-campus initiatives, and balance the heavy workload of upperclassmen students, and help SC scholars with precisely this balance.

Do you want to impact the lives of third, fourth and fifth-year undergraduates? We want you! The application to be an Academic Success Partner for SuccessConnects opens in the middle of winter semester each year. Contact for more information.

  • Arrice

    • Major: MD/MPH in Health Management & Policy
    • Detroit, MI

    To be a consistent presence in students' lives, helping them with whatever they need to be their best selves

  • Bonnie

    • Major: MSI- UX Research and MS - Design Science
    • Chongqing, China

    Becoming a GSP allows me to create bonds and shared experiences with the community I deeply loved.

  • Emma

    • Major: Dual Degree MD/MPH
    • Buffalo, NY

    I became a GSP because I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support of my mentors, and I wanted to pay it forward to the next generation of professionals.

  • Iqra

    • Major: Master of Public Policy/Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning
    • Hamtramck, MI

    I began my journey at the University of Michigan in 2011 as a first-generation student of color in the Summer Bridge and Michigan Mentorship programs; inspired by the unending guidance and support I found there, I have since sought to mentor others, both professionally and personally and help them s

  • Kassy

    • Major: M.F.A. in Creative Writing
    • San Diego, CA

    I want to be part of my scholars' journeys to reach their multi-passionate potential and to have creative & fulfilling lives.

  • Sarah

    • Major: Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Healthcare Management concentration
    • Bluffton, SC

    I believe mentorship is a powerful force for achieving goals; I am only where I am today because of people who believed in me and I wanted to pass that forward to these amazing and incredibly resilient and inspiring students

  • Sophee

    • Major: Dual Master's Candidate. MSW in Global Social Work Practice with the School of Social Work and MS in Environmental Justice with the School of Environment and Sustainability
    • Monroe MI

    I became a GSP to support students who come from a similar background as myself and provide students with access to resources to help them have a fulfilling college experience.