For Students

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for students to help support our office! We have many different student employment roles that offer a broad range of work experience. Our positions are work-study eligible and open to all currently enrolled students.


Welcome Desk

Help visitors feel at home and support meaningful events

At the OAMI welcome desk, you will get professional experience answering phones, greeting and assisting guests, supporting office staff, and taking on other responsibilities. You will also be able to support programs and events that OAMI hosts.



Work with peers and staff to help other students succeed

As an Academic Success Partner (ASP) or Graduate Success Partner (GSP), you can provide peer-to-peer support for scholars' success in OAMI’s SuccessConnects program. This work includes success coaching, assistance with event planning, program communications, special projects, and supporting resource connections. You’ll collaborate with a team to address the needs of a diverse community of students and guide them so they get the most out of the program and the university.

As a tutor, you’ll support scholars in their academic pursuits in U-M’s most commonly challenging courses. Tutoring occurs for one hour each week in a one-on-one fashion during the Fall and Winter semesters.


Student Program Coordinator (SPC)

Expand your work experience in a fun and rewarding way

Student Program Coordinators (SPCs) support the development and coordination of activities to recruit, retain, and enrich the experiences of students involved in programs and initiatives associated with OAMI. You will assist with event planning, communications, special projects, and resource connections. SPCs work closely as a team to address the needs of a diverse community of scholars and to provide student insight and leadership in identifying and engaging students to enhance their overall success.