Undocumented Students

OAMI serves as one of the spaces on campus for undocumented and DACAmented students of all ethnicities and nationalities to find a safe environment and supportive community at the University of Michigan. 

OAMI offers a range of support services — from personal, one-on-one coaching to community and professional development, which will help balance being a full-time student and handling other day-to-day challenges you may face. If you want to connect with students like you, OAMI can provide resources to connect you to an encouraging peer network.

If you are an undocumented or DACAmented student, we encourage you to contact Hector Galvan, Assistant Director and Success Coach at OAMI.

Student Support

Welcoming and supporting students no matter what their immigration status

Visit the Undocumented Student Support website to find information and resources for current and prospective undocumented and DACAmented students. The site helps connect students with current support staff, other undocumented and DACAmented students, and support services across the university.

Graduation Celebration

Celebrating the tenacity and determination of students

The Undocumented Students Graduation Celebration supplements the traditional University of Michigan Commencement, allowing graduating students to celebrate their accomplishments with those who supported them during their academic journey, including friends, family and community members, and U-M faculty, staff, and administrators.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Student Community of Progressive Empowerment (SCOPE), a student organization that advocates for and centers the experiences of undocumented students at Michigan.

Dreamer Scholarship

Financial support to help you through difficult times

The Dreamer scholarship aims to support undocumented students or students with DACA status to get the help they need to succeed in school.

Whether you are struggling with food insecurity, can't pay for tuition and other university fees, or dealing with legal fees and court costs, we will work with you to find a solution.

Program Staff

Hector Galvan

Assistant Director, OAMI

Hector leads Undocumented Student Initiatives, chairs the SAMI grant, is a DEI lead for the Office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion. He is also a success coach, coordinates the Dance for Mother Earth Powwow and various graduation celebrations. Hector was raised in Detroit and is a U-M graduate.