About OAMI

What We Do

OAMI supports and celebrates students' unique experiences, backgrounds, communities, and identities. We collaborate with campus and external partners on programs and initiatives that aid students in achieving their academic ambitions while developing the skills and perspectives necessary to succeed in college and beyond. These initiatives assist U-M in its ongoing commitment to nurturing an intellectually and culturally diverse campus.

In addition to helping students, OAMI’s programming encourages dialogue across campus and in the broader community. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium, the Juneteenth Symposium, and other events unite academic pursuits with social justice and multicultural celebration.

Student Pipeline

A strategic path to college for non-traditional students

OAMI supports a well-resourced pipeline that helps underrepresented students attend Michigan. We collaborate with campus and external partners focused on educational and community outreach, college readiness, and financial support.

Student Success

A welcoming hub of campus resources

By partnering with community colleges throughout Michigan, we assist transfer students as they prepare for their successful transition to U-M. Once here, the office is an inclusive community and hub of resources helping students thrive.

Student Community

Supporting connections and celebrating cultures

We enrich campus life by providing funding and resources so that students can celebrate and showcase their identities and cultural traditions while connecting with and exploring the cultures of their peers.