Donia Human Rights Center Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture | Legacies of Slavery: Calculating Transgenerational Costs and Demanding Reparations in Haiti and Brazil
December 21, 2023
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy presents: Montgomery, AL, Mayor Steven Reed
December 21, 2023

Food as Resistance

January 16, 2024 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | UMMA

Sustainable Food Systems Initiative, SEAS, & MDining

Food has been entwined with resistance movements, from lunch counter sit-ins and the Black Panther Breakfast Program of the US Civil Rights Movement to current organizing around sustainability and equitable food access for all. “Food as Resistance” will kick off the 2024 Food Literacy for All course, which is being organized around the theme “Planted in History: A Food Future Informed By the Past.” This inaugural event will feature Shiloh K. Maples, an educator, community organizer, and consultant who works within Michigan’s Indigenous community to create a food sovereignty initiative aimed at increasing access to cultural foods and creating opportunities for the community to fully practice their foodways in the urban landscape of Detroit. Join us for Maples’ one-hour lecture and a reception catered by MDining, featuring dishes with personal connections to the identities and culture of the MDining team members preparing them.


Shiloh K. Maples

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