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This year’s commemorative booklet will be published on the web as a clickable and downloadable pdf. Submitted events will be featured on the web.

OAMI provides support to student organizations to create events for the symposium through our SAMI grants program. OAMI does not have any funding sources for MLK Symposium events for units/departments/faculty.

Tips for MLK Symposium Event Planning & Event Submission:

  • We encourage events to be spread out through the months of January and February, to allow participants to attend many events, as the MLK Holiday is usually a very crowded programming day.
  • We discourage use of the term “Symposium” in events so as to not confuse the public on there being multiple symposia under the coordinating body “MLK Symposium.” Words that units have used instead of “symposium” include: colloquium, series, multi-day event, lecture, showcase, etc.
  • In your submission description, you MUST:
    • Explicitly state or reasonably show how the event is related to civil rights, social justice, the symposium theme, or the teachings and work of Dr. Martin Luther King.

You can use the sample event below as a guide.

MLK and Militarism: What would MLK Say Today?

January 16, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wolverine Room/Michigan Union
530 S State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Veterans For Peace/ UM Veterans and Military Service Office presents:
MLK declared there were three issues that adversely influence American Culture: Racism, Extreme Materialism and Militarism. We are now at the edge of a new international militarism; what would MLK have to say about today’s current events? Bob Krzewinski and Bill Shea of local Veterans For Peace chapter 93 will discuss MLK’s point of view on Militarism and suggest what he might say about today’s situations.

Is RSVP required? No
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*Events will not be published unless all details are accounted for. We will not publish an event with TBD’s or TBA’s in event submission.*

If you have changes that need to be made to your event, please allow up to 48 business hours for the coordinators to respond and make your edits (especially during November & January) due to the volume of requests. Please contact with any questions.