Juneteenth Symposium

June 20 - 21, 2024 

Michigan League  

The Seventh Trumpet, John Rodriguez, 2024

Celebrating Black Activism and Progress Through Art

The Juneteenth Organizing Committee invites you to two dynamic and thought-provoking days of visual art, performances, conversation, and celebration as we present the fifth-annual Juneteenth Symposium.


Letter from President Santa J. Ono for the 2024 Juneteenth Symposium 
Juneteenth Symposium Program


Effective Activism in the Age of Hate and Divisiveness, Featuring Loretta J. Ross

Join us for a transformative keynote session with Loretta Ross, a renowned activist, and professor, as she shares her wisdom on effective activism in today's polarized world. In an era marked by rising hate and divisiveness, Loretta's insights are more relevant than ever.

Using Art as an Effective Means of Activism

Join us for a thought-provoking fireside chat between U-M’s Dr. Debbie Mitchell Covington and acclaimed artist Damon Davis as we explore the power of art as a catalyst for social change. Damon's work spans various mediums, from painting to music to film, and has been a driving force in the conversation around race, identity, and activism.

The Activist Artist Engaging with Community

You do not want to miss this dynamic panel discussion on "The Artist as Activist: The Importance of Art in Social Justice Movements." Our panel of artists and activists will explore the pivotal role that art plays in driving social change and advancing justice.

Activists Art in Action

Join us for a soul-stirring celebration of Juneteenth, featuring a captivating fusion of gospel music, spoken word poetry, and expressive dance, all in honor of this historic day of liberation. Our lineup includes a talented gospel singer whose voice will uplift and inspire, a gifted spoken word artist whose words will ignite passion and reflection, and a mesmerizing dancer whose movements will tell stories of freedom and resilience. As we commemorate Juneteenth and reflect on the journey toward freedom for all, we are reminded of the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality. This session will not only celebrate the cultural significance of Juneteenth but also highlight the role of activism in bringing about meaningful change.